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You love to work hard and play hard. We know you want to recover as quick as possible so you can carry on doing what you love. How many of you have a great workout and feel stiff as a plank the next day? Maybe you feel stiff not even after a workout, but being stuck hunched over at your desk chasing emails and that promotion (the joys of office life).

Now you’re thinking, what’s this got anything to do with a bath bomb? Well let me fill you in on a little bit how we started:

I, the founder, have always been outdoorsy and adventurous. I went to a super sporty school (not that I was particularly sporty at the time but I enjoyed it). My sporting background came from trampolining at 11, cross country at 15, rowing for the U18 county club at 16, to pole dancing at 21 and then body building from 23ish- varied to say the least.

All these sports have given my body a beating in one way or another. Mix that with my various careers of long periods of standing up (waitressing) and sitting down (office life). All these very normal things take a toll on our bodies. I’m sure you to can relate to any of these things and others too and know exactly what I mean.

I’m now a qualified sports masseuse and personal trainer. I’ve been using baths and Epsom salts as a form of recovery for many years, recommending to clients and friends the benefits.

When corona hit and the world was on pause, we couldn’t do many things which we took for granted. For me it was going to the gym and even the little things like treating myself to the bath bomb. It got me thinking, I’ve bought bath bombs and occasionally used them with my Epsom salts without a second thought. What if you could get a bath bomb which contained Epsom salts and other glorious oils (which I use in masseuse). A lot of mainstream bath bombs you’ll find don’t contain Epsom Salts. Ones that do may not float and fizzle like you’d want from your bath bomb.


After lots of research and learning all about the science of bath bombs, I asked myself can I create a bath bomb which:

  1. Can contain Epsom salts?

  2. Can hold together?

  3. Looks and smells pretty?

  4. Float and fizzle?

  5. Is in a shape of a kettlebell that will survive postage travel?

  6. What mundane/legal stuff will I need to tick off before I can start selling?

After a bit of trial and error, and by bit I mean quite a lot, low and behold, BUFFBOMBS was born!

We currently have four varieties for you to choose from, all of which contain a unique blend of the finest organic Epsom salts, VitaCoco Coconut Oil and are all lovingly homemade. Each variety is tailored to a different goal, from clearer skin to banishing period pain. Have a look at “Our Buffs” Product Information page to find out more.

If you have any queries or questions, we have a lovely FAQs page which will hopefully answer anything you may have in mind. If not, or if you want to chat to us or just say hello, slide into our DMs via Instagram, Facebook or via We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read this page and support my small business.

Happy buffing!

Tash (Buff Founder)


*Maybe a quote from Snoop Dogg

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