Just Buff Salts

Just Buff Salts


Straight up Epsom salts like no other.


Personalise your Buff Salt box the way you like. Choose from Blue Ombre and Himalayan Salt or a mixture of each!


Order as standard comes with 2 lots of Blue Ombre and Himalayan Rock each. If you wish to change it, let us know at the checkout! We have an "add a note" where you can let us know or simply email us at hello@buffbombs.com with your order number and alterations. 


HOW TO USE: pour half or a whole packet (depending on how much rejuvenation is desired) into warm running  water. Unwind and soak your buff bod for at least 20-30 minutes to reap the benefits. Rinse off and carry on being the bestest buffest version of you.


For more information about the superpowers of each, see our product information page. 


Weight of each pack approx: 280g


Net weight approx: 1.120kg