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Meet Buffy- Our hench mascot seal.

Buffy holds an important role in the Buff Ethos.

We at Buffbombs strive on making the planet a greener place with clear blue oceans to get Buff in. we may be a small company, but we’ve worked ridiculously hard to ensure our products are as eco friendly as possible. From investing more in our Buff Scrub pouches to ensure they’re 100% recyclable to biodegradable postal packaging. We want to go one step further- we want to be as transparent as possible with you with what we do.

We pledge, from 9th October 2022 onwards, to donate 10% of our SALES of buff boxes containing our Buff Scrub to help preserve our wonderful oceans- making the seas just as transparent too.


The Buff Founder is low-key mad-obsessed with all animals (our first business, at 11 years old, was breeding guinea pigs. We also wanted to be a vet throughout our childhood, but our Buff mum reminded us that we’d have to put animals down as part of the job. And here we are making bath bombs instead – but helping animals in other ways so yipeee!)

Anyway, I digress, whatever you lovingly purchase from our buff shop, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be donating to our chosen charity.


Who is our chosen charity?

We have a charity lined up that we’re donating to. Every order containing Buff Scrub that we receive, we are intantly putting 10% aside into our charity pot. We then  plan on sending the total donation in January 2023- after the Christmas rush. For legal reasons, we are not able to disclose which charity this is until we have donated. All we can say for now is it’s a wonderful non-profit charity that aims to have removed 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.

Happy eco-shopping!

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