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Buff Grip Mini

Buff Grip Mini


We’ve been bloody excited about launching this!


This is not just any Buff Chalk- it’s antibacterial (so 2020 we know) and BLUEEEE like our best-selling Blue Buff. We figured white is super boring, plus if you train at a gym like ours, where liquid chalk is like liquid gold dust and will guarantee by gone if accidentally left at the previous machine you were on. This way, you can see who’s got blue hands and who’s the Chalk Thief (muahahaha). But also no fear, Buff Chalk may appear super blue but when rubbed on hands, you won’t look like a lifting smurf.


Suitable for any and every sport that requires that extra grippy help

Available in two sizes: a chunky 200ml and a conveniently compact size 50ml (this one).


Ingredients: Magnesium carbonate, 75% medical grade alcohol, hydroxypropylcellulose colophonium

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