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Buff Booty Band

Buff Booty Band


Here’s our first “Don’t use in the bathtub” product!


Premium, vegan, extremely durable non-slip fabric- buff enough to make the most buffest of legs even buffer, and all the more deserving for your buff bath (how many times can you put buff in a sentence?!)


Perfect for all glute targeted exercises, hip mobility and lower body warm ups to target, isolate and strengthen your peachy peach.


Personalised with our iconic OG Buffbombs and logo to stand out from the crowd. These won’t roll up or slide around whilst you’re slaying your workout.


Packaged in a sustainably resourced drawstring pouch with an optional gift tag, making it the perfect little gift.


If you’re purchasing as a gift to send straight out to the recipient but would like to add your personalised message. Let us know in the delivery information and we’ll do just that!


Measurements: 34cm x 8cm

Strength: Medium/Heavy resistance

Wash: By hand

% Increase Buffness levels: off the charts

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